About Us

Established in 1983, the Northern Refugee Centre (NRC) is a registered charity which promotes the welfare of refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable economic migrants across Yorkshire and Humberside, with services particularly in South Yorkshire & the Humber.

Jim Steinke, Chief Executive of NRC:   "NRC provides a range of services that aim to improve the conditions of and opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers across Yorkshire and Humberside, and particularly in South Yorkshire. This is only possible thanks to the commitment of our staff and volunteers and the refugees and groups that we work with. To maintain and build upon these services obviously requires funding and organising. If you want to help us, please check out the volunteering page, or details of how to make a donation are on our contacts page.

We also try to ensure that our activities are focused on the broader issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers, not just negative ones, like hostile media, discrimination and harassment, but also the positive aspects like how refugees can benefit the social, economic and cultural development of host communities.

Chief Executive Jim Steinke speaking at the NRC AGM, January 2011

NRC has a history of succesful projects focusing on befriending and mentoring, as well as work to support refugee women. NRC has also run a range of training sessions on the asylum process and also around awareness-raising. Please contact us if  you are interested in talking with us about one of these areas. 

We always aim to ensure that our services respond to the changing needs of new migrants and of local communities where they live. Please let us have any ideas you have on how we could do this better."


Mission Statement

The Northern Refugee Centre works to improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Yorkshire and the Humber.

  • It provides advice, education, employment support and access to wider opportunities for refugee individuals and families.
  • It supports the integration of migrants into their host communities.
  • It helps to develop greater cohesiveness between diverse communities in the region.
  • It works to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are welcomed, valued, respected and enabled to contribute fully to the communities and economies in which they live.
  • It fights the discrimination and prejudice that is faced by some refugees and defends their rights.
  • It supports migrants to cope with the circumstances that led to their seeking refuge in the UK.
  • It works to enable refugees to lead fulfilling and productive lives in Yorkshire and the Humber. Northern Refugee Centre is an independent charitable organisation that exists to promote the welfare of refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable economic migrants within the Yorkshire and Humber region.We provide advice and assistance to refugees and asylum seekers and offer support to refugee community organisations whilst also raising public awareness about the needs of individuals seeking refuge and protection within the region.
  • It refers clients to local health services and other voluntary sector health providers


We strive towards improving services and opportunities for refugees to make possible their integration into the wider community.

To enable us to work towards our mission statement we have developed services in response to the expressed needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Users of our services are routinely consulted about the relevance, effectiveness and quality of our services.