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COMPASS Update: Transfers from South and West Yorkshire to North East

COMPASS Update from UKBA Asylum Support and Compliance;
West Yorkshire Local Immigration Team, Regional Asylum and Appeals Operations:

You will be aware that UK Border Agency are now providing accommodation to eligible asylum seekers and failed asylum seekers via the new COMPASS contract with G4S. All new entrants onto support are now being accommodated under the new contract. As with all changes, we are experiencing some operational issues, particularly with regard to the availability of accommodation in the south of the region. In order to meet our obligations in accommodating eligible persons we are primarily dispersing people to the north of the region currently and expect this to continue in the short term whilst capacity is built up across the region as a whole.

During this time we will be focussed on ensuring that we fulfil our obligations in terms of providing support to those eligible to receive it, but we may not have flexibility to take account of other factors outside those obligations.

We are grateful for your continuing co-operation with us whilst the new arrangements embed.

Please feel free to disseminate this message to whoever you feel it may be useful to.